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Occultae Veritatis Podcast - OVPOD

May 16, 2022

Case # 177: Southpaw Patrol

Classification: [Science]

Why do left-handed people die sooner? Why are left-handed people more likely to get various diseases?  What other struggles do southpaws have to navigate? Join resident left handers Richard and Leon as they cover this subject!


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Apr 24, 2022

Classification: [Cults]


Known mostly for the 1995 subway sarin attack, the true story goes much deeper. Aussie Uranium mining, Russian partnerships, and mass producing deadly and recreational chemicals, Aum Shinrikyo was prolific. Join the OVpod crew as we discuss the doomsday cult that nearly achieved their genocidal...

Apr 10, 2022

Case #175: If the Earth was Flat


Classification: [Memes]


Yes, debunking flat earth theories is all the rage, but this episode takes a different approach to the subject. How would life on earth be different if the earth was flat? Dive in as Richard explains how the trees, ocean, sun, weather, and weight loss would be...

Mar 27, 2022

Case #174: Leon’s Spicy Connections


Classification: [Memes]


Naked Apes, Hot Sauce, Penis Bones, GOP Politicians, Maritime Airports, Independence from the British, Tea leaves, and Leon suffering, this episode has it all! Tune in as Leons connects many different subjects through one episode.


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Mar 20, 2022

Case #173: The Tulsa Race Massacre; Destruction of Black Wall Street

Classification: [History]

The year was 1921. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, 10,000 descendants of black slaves worked and lived in a thriving city within a city, The Greenwood District. Then over a single June day, a white mob burned nearly every structure in...