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Occultae Veritatis Podcast - OVPOD

Oct 1, 2022

Case # 188: Stealth Technology; Making Planes Invisible


Classification: [Tech]


How exactly do you make a 50,000 lb jet plane look like a bumble bee on the radar? Today, on ovpod, hear Leon guide the rest of the hosts through a tour of the historical and modern stealth technology arms race


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Sep 21, 2022

Case #187: Love Has Won; 5th Dimensional Cult


Classification: [Real Life Lore]


In 2021, the matriarch and leader of the “Love Has Won” cult was discovered dead, missing her eyes, mummified, and wrapped in Christmas lights. Today, on ovpod, listen in to hear the entire story. How did the cult leader end up dead?...

Sep 11, 2022

Case #186: Shock Sites; The Horrifying Early Internet


Classification: [Real Life Lore]


Shock sites are websites that cause distress or shock to those that visit them. Some sites were tame. Lemon Party is simply consensual senior citizen sex. However, many shock sites cross the line into being actively harmful,...

Sep 1, 2022

Case # 185: Concentration Camps in The World Wars


Classification: [Real Life Lore]


Between 1914 and 1945, humanity engaged in two Global Wars, killing 130 million people. This episode focuses on the concentration camps of those World Wars. An effort to collectively imprison “enemy aliens” without due process or...

Aug 21, 2022

Classification: [Cults]


Join That Dang Dad, Aka Phil, an ex-police officer, and current police criticizer as he guides us through his experience in behind-closed-doors police culture and on-the-job training that taught him to lie, cause pain, and dehumanize the public

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