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Occultae Veritatis Podcast - OVPOD

Dec 31, 2017

His suicide at the age of 18 with encouragement from his long-distance girlfriend, 17-year-old Michelle Carter, was the subject of a noted investigation and involuntary manslaughter trial in Massachusetts, popularly known as the "texting suicide case".

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Dec 23, 2017

The Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow, often known simply as the Avro Arrow, was a delta-winged interceptor aircraft designed and built by Avro Canada. The Arrow is considered to have been an advanced technical and aerodynamic achievement for the Canadian aviation industry.

Palet Cleanser: The Canadian National Anthem

Dec 16, 2017

Issei Sagawa is a Japanese criminal who in 1981, while in Paris, murdered and cannibalized a Dutch woman named Renée Hartevelt. After his release, he became a minor celebrity in Japan and made a living through the public's interest in his crime.

Palet Cleanser: The last ones by Jahzzar
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Dec 10, 2017

Case #7: Contract Killers, Hitmen, and the people who hire them.
Killing for money, besides sex work, could be one of the oldest jobs known to history. There have always been those who wanted people dead, but didnt want to do it themselves, and with a need there is always a market. Come and tune in!

Dec 3, 2017

The unification church was doomed to decline eventually. And after years of controversy surrounding him, reverend moon died. The church went on, even to continue existing today, but it never filled the big shoes of its past self again.

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