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Occultae Veritatis Podcast - OVPOD

Dec 25, 2022

Ft Guest Host Miriam Delirium

Christmas wasn’t found in a box, a bag, or a stocking. Christmas was found in one dude's sarcastic fan fiction. Today, we uncover the true origins of Christmas.

From Roman Saturnalia Festivals, to the Puritans making Christmas illegal, to the birth of the Proto-Santas, to 1800s writer...

Dec 15, 2022

Ft Guest Host @Papa_BrayD


Activision Blizzard, the gaming company behind Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Candy Crush, Diablo and more, became infamous in 2021 when accusations of employee abuse and exploitation went public. Drunk executives raiding employee workstations, the theft of breast milk,...

Dec 5, 2022

Case #194: Alleged Abuses at Legacy Christian Academy


The Legacy Christian Academy is a church-run private school in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Formerly known as Christian Center Academy, LCA has close associations with the church it shares a building with, Mile Two Church.


Allegations of systemic abuse have...

Nov 30, 2022

Here is a preview of our Patreon Bonus content that came out nearly a year ago. 


A collection of bloopers and outakes

Nov 25, 2022

OVpod's original four episodes about The Murder of Neil Stonechild released as 4-hour episode. Hear us cover this murder at the hands of our local police department, and the lack of justice that has happened since